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Roundup Post Template

Think about your ideal customer. Is there anything they’re especially excited about? Struggling with?

For example, if you sell vegan-themed apparel like Wholesome Culture, and it’s close to a major holiday, your audience might be gearing up for parties, potlucks, and family meals that include a lot of animal products. You could round up a list of ten great vegan recipes for holiday events, which would be a seriously helpful—not to mention on-brand—resource.

Your roundup post is going to be different based on your audience and what resources are already out there, but they all follow a similar structure.

For this post, you'll need...

  • An introduction to the list—who it’s for and why you put it together
  • A list of all of the resources you’re including (posts, products, etc.)
    • A link for each resource
    • An image for each resource
    • A short description of each resource
    • A price for each resource, if applicable

The great thing is that once you’ve got the general structure of a roundup post locked down, it’s one of the most versatile posts out there. Sure, your first one might be a roundup of resources around a specific theme, or of other great posts from around the internet, but this general framework works for so much more.

You could use the roundup post structure to pull together your top blog posts from the past year, or your favorite products from the last year, or your own best-selling products. Any time you’re struggling to come up with a blog post and you need to have one up (like, yesterday) this flexible framework can be your new go-to.

Plus, once you’ve got the idea and written down a list of what to include, you’ve done the hardest part—the writing will be much easier from there.



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